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Gabrielle (Mother of Premier League Player)


'Before meeting Hannah, I was so worried Keira was verging on giving up sport after breaking her leg. In the little time we've known Hannah, she's not only helped build my daughters confidence, but also reignited her passion for the game with the combination of sports psychology and specific training.

Keira talks non stop on the way home about everything they discuss or work on together and I am blown away at how happy she is again!

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!'


 Alisa (Mother of Y-League Player)


"My son has been working with Hannah for over 12 months now and the improvement in both his physical skills, and more importantly, his mental game, has been beyond our expectations. Her tailored skill program has seen his football fitness and skills, develop exponentially. 

Hannah's expertise in the psychology of a growth mindset, has targeted my son's ability to see the benefits of perseverance and recognise failure as simply a part of the growth process. 

Hannah has worked with him to build up his communication skills, respect for others and generally improve his attitude, sportmanship and teamwork."



Daisy (Regional League Player)


I was having trouble with my confidence and fear of failure before matches. But after speaking with Hannah, I felt much more confident and told myself that each game is an opportunity to grow, not to have perfection. I believe in my ability now and don't doubt it by comparing myself to others or the opposition. Hannah made me feel calm and relieved”


Scott (Father of Y-League Player)


"She made the SAP team! We owe a massive thanks to you Hannah. Your personality, expertise and the giving way you connect with Talia on a both a soccer and personal level has developed her. You've built both her confidence and ability. So, thank you!"


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Nathan (Semi-professional Player)


Hannah is a passionate and educated coach who has worked with me to improve my mental game to a new level. Her experience as an elite athlete is an inspiration to players like myself and her commitment to supplying high-performance coaching coupled with quality sports psychology is unparalleled. I go into each game trusting my abilities I've worked so hard to earn and enjoy being in the moment during high pressure competition.


Michael Pilgrim (Father of State League Player)


Hannah has been working with my daughter now for over 12 months, focusing on mindset and performance. Some areas they have been working on include: finding the right zone and intensity for her performance, understanding a growth mindset and developing strategies for specific mental game planning each week. Hannah is approachable and easy to converse with, but she also challenges and makes my daughter accountable for her actions. Hannah's experience as a top athlete was important for us to work with her, as she can easily relate to some of the challenges that my daughter faces in wanting to take her game to another level.

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Billy Keir (Director of Coaching)


Hannah is a professional in all areas of her work, developing junior players, mentoring and coaching senior players, we spent 2 years collaborating and building cultures within a sporting club through hard work, dedication and planning.

Hannah's expertise in performance psychology for players saw a transformation to confidence, resilience, growth mindset based and a strong focus for quality competitive performances.

Hannah would be an strong asset to organisations looking for an experienced performance psychology coach.


Imogen (State League Player)


Throughout the 4+ years I worked with Hannah, I really benefited from her expertise in creating a transparent, inclusive team culture and is great with player conflict resolution. This in turn made us train with more quality and belief in ourselves - so better results! A major asset to any team, club or player wanting to reach the next or highest level of their sporting career. Her experience and application is incomparable


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Anna Harvey (Mother of Regional League Player)


Highly recommend Hannah for coaching. My daughter has improved so much in a short time with Hannah. Sessions are results driven, challenging and fun! Great coaching with incredible results with the added bonus of building my daughters mindset skills! 


Lynsay Rushworth (Mother of local league player)


Hannah has been training my daughter for 2 to 3 years now. Hannah always pushes her to get the best out of her. It’s hard work but great fun. Hannah is is very accommodating with any changes/adjustments my daughter may require and needs she has. Hannah is super friendly and easy to talk to, she’s a pleasure to deal with.

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