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Hi! I’m Hannah, a former professional/international athlete and now Sport Psychology Consultant. I’ve had an absolute blast playing the game I love all over the world for 23 years, including living and playing for multiple years in USA, Germany, Norway, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

I hold a BA in Comm. Psych, a MSc in Psychology, and multiple courses under my belt specific to Sport Psychology and Mental Game Professionals.

Add in my own ups, downs and mindset game issues whilst being a professional and international athlete, and now I’m ready to help guide the athletes of today to reach their peak performance through quality strategies to train and perform with freedom and flow. In other words, compete with absolute stoke!

I look forward to working with you.

Meet the Founder

Meet the coach continued...

At 11 years old I embarked on the journey of becoming a professional soccer player. I worked my butt off, EVERY SINGLE DAY, was the most attentive at training and did my best in every game for every team.


At 16 I was called up to the full New Zealand National Women’s Soccer Team. I spent Monday afternoons right after the school bell driving my parent’s car to the airport to jump on a flight to Auckland to meet with the team for training and meetings, then would stay overnight in an airport hotel, fly back to New Plymouth and jump in the car on route to school to make it on time.

(#3 Shirt in NZ National Team picture)


The rest of the weeks were filled with soccer training with 4-5 different teams, and my own commitment to training by myself sometimes multiple times a day. At high school I was called “The Soccer Freak” naturally. Soccer seemed pretty straight forward when I was in a super supportive environment, at home with my parents and sisters, then at university in USA with my teammates, coaches, university work, tutors, physiotherapists and team fans.

It wasn’t until I graduated university and left for my first professional contract in Norway that I started to suffer mentally. Over time I grew to have expectations on myself that weren’t realistic, suffered from fear of failure, a fear of success, chronic over thinking, crippling anxiety, poor transfer of practice to game performance, social approval, self-esteem issues and perfectionism.


Yep, sometimes it was the pits!



I just couldn’t figure out; how come I didn’t have the tools to combat these issues I was facing that were so daunting?

- Who could I talk to who could listen to me and help guide me through a supportive mental game plan?

- What actionable mindset tools could I use on the daily?

- How come mental / mindset game coaches weren’t available to us at our clubs?

- How come I just didn’t simply believe in my ability through trust in the thousands upon thousands of hours I’d put into training and playing my sport?

These thoughts and feelings haunted me through my career and then, about two thirds of the way into my athletic career, after having so many issues competing with the national team and my fear of failure, I knew I needed to make some big changes.


This then led to my intense research and study in the psychological/mindset game space. And as I learned, I applied everything I could directly in my professional matches. And through a alot trial and error I FINALLY got to the point of being able to be:


Calm, but with laser like focus for the match ahead


Having full trust in my ability as a player


Living in each moment in the game / stayed present


Knowing who I was without the title “professional soccer player”


LIKING who I was without the title “professional soccer player”


Having no fear of failure, in fact embraced it


Playing with flow and bliss


Truly confident and having a grateful heart, and especially in high pressure competition.


I believe every player should have the opportunity to work on their strengths and weaknesses at their own growth rate, which isn't always provided when only training within a team environment, and when only working on the physical aspect of the game.

I work with athletes from all over the world, all levels, all sporting codes, and all ages. It’s an honor to guide the youth / adults of today help them perform with ease, flow and at their best on game/race day.


I look forward to working with you to gain the mindset skills and mental toughness to not only thrive on competition day, but for life as well.

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