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Sport Psychology for Peak Performance


HB Athlete Mindset is led by former professional and international athlete Hannah Bromley. She directly relates to athletes issues and helps athletes live out their best performances through quality mindset skill development and mental game plans

If you’re yearning to consistently have great sporting performances, then HB Athlete Mindset will help you get there





HB Athlete Mindset combines performance psychology, mindset strategies and over 12 years of professional playing experience to teach athletes to harness the power of their mind to help them reach new levels of performance and self-confidence.
If Hannahs' experience has taught her anything it's that mastering the psychological side of the game will in fact make you a stronger, more successful and most importantly a happier athlete, both on and off the sporting arena.


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The HB Athlete Mindset approach specialises in guiding individual athletes and teams to develop psychological and emotional skills in order to

Understand a Training Mindset vs Trust Mindset

Combat performance anxiety

Remove fear of failure

Let go of mistakes

Dominate with Confidence

Enhance consistency 

Develop conflict resolution skills 

Get and stay in the zone


Hi! I’m Hannah, a former professional/international athlete and now Sport Psychology Consultant. I’ve had an absolute blast playing the game I love all over the world for 23 years, including living and playing for multiple years in USA, Germany, Norway, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

I hold a BA in Comm. Psych, a MSc in Psychology, and multiple courses under my belt specific to Sport Psychology and Mental Game Professionals.

Add in my own ups, downs and mindset game issues whilst being a professional and international athlete, and now I’m ready to help guide the athletes of today to reach their peak performance through quality strategies to train and perform with freedom and flow. In other words, compete with absolute stoke!

I look forward to working with you.

Meet the Founder 


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Dana Hamann - World Surf League Competitor



Hannah has helped me through one of the most difficult times I’ve experienced in my 20 years of surfing. After being injured in 2020 for a majority of the year I lost motivation, excitement, passion, focus and the desire to do what brings me the most joy and peace. Through the mindset work and weekly sessions with Hannah discussing the psychology behind my emotions, feelings, and thoughts, I have been able to completely transform my relationship with surfing again and have quite honestly never been this stoked, or confident.


Can’t recommend anyone better for sports psychology than Hannah, with her personal experience of being a professional athlete as well as her passion for athletics + the mind… absolutely unreal! Thank you for everything :)

Milla Papallo - Australian Representative Netballer



As a Premier League Netball player I highly recommend Hannah. Since working with Hannah my mindset and therefore performance have definitely improved and helped me progress to the next level. Heading into each game and training session I feel more in control and in power of my performance compared to previous feelings of doubt and uncertainty whether I would play well. I feel so stoked and excited for training and games and she has helped me free my mind to be more focused and reactive to what is happening during the game. As a former elite athlete herself she has so much knowledge and could relate really well to my experiences.

Charley - State Representative Waterpolo 



My sports psychology sessions with Hannah have helped me so much to gain back my confidence and is very evident in my sport! I would definitely recommend HB mindset to anyone that is struggling with their sporting mindset or just needs a little bit of extra help to reach their full potential. Thank you Hannah!


Mitch Davis - Professional Golfer 



Had an amazing time working with Hannah. Made me realise, my thoughts aren’t who I am and that I’m not defined by my results, good or bad. Feeling a lot more positive after our sessions, very simple yet so effective. Hannah is easy to chat to and I can’t wait to work with her again in the future. Highly recommend!



Sports Psychology

Not sure if I can help you with the type of sport you participate in? Here is a list of the types of sports I provide appointments for:

Basketball, Cycling, Cricket, Waterpolo, Equestrian, Underwater Sports, 

Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Running, Shot Put, Soccer, 

Rugby League, Squash, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Touch Footy, 

Triathlons, Wrestling, Running, Archery, Baseball, AFL, Handball, Lacrosse, BMX,

Skiing, Snowboarding, Sailing, Motocross, Racewalking, Weightlifting, Athletics,

Swimming, Volleyball and more.

Servicing Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand and Worldwide

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